White Rock Tattoo

Before booking your consultation please visit our Artists page and take a look at our different artists portfolios and bios. There you will find a detailed example of each artists work and important information on the way prefer to book their tattoo appointments.

*Note - Deposit Policy: All tattoo appointments require a cash deposit. $100 for every full day appointment booked. All deposits are non refundable and come off of the final price of your tattoo. 

Circumstances in which your deposit may be forfeit:

           - Not showing up for your tattoo appointment

           - Cancelling your tattoo appointment with less than 48hours notice.

           - Cancelling your tattoo appointment 3 times in a row.

           - Extreme tardiness  

* Due to high demand our artists can’t take on every request they receive. Please wait for confirmation from the shop, if you do not receive a confirmation please try again in a few months.

*Please note, since the storm last December 20th 2018, all cellphones networks are still down in the area. Wifi is still working, so please, if you are having trouble reaching us, give us a shout through e-mail, Facebook, Instagram or text message.

Thanks for your understanding!

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