Before booking your consultation please visit our Artists page and take a look at our different artists portfolios and bios. There you will find a detailed example of each artists work and important information on the way they prefer to book their tattoo appointments.

*Note - Deposit Policy: All tattoo appointments require a cash deposit. $100 for every full day appointment booked.

All deposits are non refundable and come off of the final price of your tattoo. 

Circumstances in which your deposit may be forfeit:

           - Not showing up for your tattoo appointment

           - Cancelling your tattoo appointment with less than 48hours notice.

           - Cancelling your tattoo appointment 3 times in a row.

           - Extreme tardiness  

* Due to high demand our artists can’t take on every request they receive.*

* Please wait for confirmation from the shop*

*If you do not receive a confirmation please try again in a few months. *

Thanks for your understanding!

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