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Hey! Thanks for deciding to apply for a job at White Rock Tattoo!

Are you looking to relocate, in need of a workspace for a few weeks or simply want to start working as an independent artist?

White Rock Tattoo is offering an opportunity for tattoo artists with a strong client base, to be independent, without having to deal with the hassle and cost of opening you own shop or the negative stigmas attached to tattooing out of your house.

Here are the details :

The cost of 550$ a week or 2000$ a month will give you the opportunity to work in a professional, clean and safe space with other like-minded, creative and dedicated artists. You will be free to manage your own schedule, book your own clients, charge your own price and keep all of your profits.

As an Independent Artist at White Rock Tattoo, your responsibilities would include :

  • Paying either 550$ a week or 2000$ a month for your station rental.

  • Booking and dealing with all your own clients. (Customer service and professionalism of all artists must meet all White Rock Tattoo standards. Any no-shows or extreme tardiness for booked appointments will not be tolerated.)

  • You would be entitled to the full cost of every tattoo you do. Therefor, collecting payments for tattoo services, any deposit payments or discrepancies would be your full responsibility.

  • Provide all your own tattoo and art supplies.

  • Promoting yourself on social media or whatever platform you see fit would be your responsibility. However promotional collaborations with the shop are absolutely encouraged and can be discussed at any time!

The Booth rental includes the station’s furniture such as : tattoo chair, arm/foot rest, rolling tray station, drawing desk with chair and storage for supplies. Each station also includes an individual display case for any flash art or paintings you may have available.

*Also, If ever you wish to tattoo one of the shop’s walk-in clients, you will have the opportunity to do so. However, any ‘walk-in’ client are and will remain White Rock Tattoo client, so the cost of the tattoo will be split, 40% to the Shop and 60% to the Artist. Accepting walk-in clients will always be at your own discretion, Artists will never be required to take on any tattoo they don’t want to.

All of us, at White Rock Tattoo, share an immense love and respect for the Art of Tattooing, the clients who make it possible and all the real tattooers who came before us and made tattooing what it is today. Our ultimate goal is to create a clean, safe and professional environment, where different independent artists can come share ideas, create, collaborate and be inspired by one another. We take what we do very seriously and we see this as a great opportunity to meet new like-minded people who share the same dedication to their craft.

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If you do not have a web link to portfolio, send it directly to whiterocktattoocompany@gmail.com and write your full name in the email!
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