Q: How long have you been tattooing 

A: I have been tattooing since around age 17. I started from the pin poke up and worked in a professional shop (Way Cool Tattoos in Niagara Falls Canada), for Dave (Crazy Ace) Daniels at 19. So, 25 years professionally.

Q: What are some of your favourite things and styles to tattoo?

A:  I have been tattooing for a long time, so I’ve seen lots of styles come and go. But mostly, I love soft black and grey (good or evil) as well as Japanese style. I work in black and grey or colour, I guess it depends on what the piece calls for. I am always up for a challenge and I can usually come up with ideas for a subject quite quickly as far as structure and content.

Q: Do you prefer big or small tattoos?
A: I like to do big multiple sitting projects, I only tattoo one person a day, for as long as we both can sit. I do not work under time restraints. I generally do two passes on everything, I do it to ensure the tattoo can look as good as it possibly can, for both me and my client. I would rather not do small pieces but there is definitely some projects that I take in.  

Q: What would your Ideal client or tattoo idea be?

A: I enjoy working with all types of people, I have great clients and ideally would like to find people who  have fresh open areas with open minds for our combined ideas. It is always hard to work around other peoples artwork, if the work is sub par, it can definitely put a damper on the outcome of the tattoo. On the other hand, I am not against working on serious collectors that have nice work from various artists and want something done by me. This can end up enjoyable and make me strive to do better.

Q: What are some common misconceptions and mistakes in coming up with an idea?

A: I find that people generally try to jam a lot of ideas in one tattoo, this can end up in a forced or awkward looking tattoo. Be open to change, as we generally know what the outcome will be. We know how a tattoo will age wear and read . We listen to what our clients say and take it all into consideration so leave the size proportions and layouts to us. Some areas and skin  are hard to tattoo and I will let you know if I think something won’t work or is too big or too small.